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The Dukes of Hazzard (film) (2005)
Daisy Duke
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Jesse Duke (uncle)
Bo Duke (cousin)
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Daisy Duke was portrayed by Jessica Simpson.

Character BiographyEdit

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  • Film critics panned Simpson's performance, claiming that her portrayal had little in common with the character Catherine Bach created, and that she was merely cast because of her celebrity status.[citation needed]
  • Daisy's costume was slightly modified for the film to make her more overtly sexual:
  • Her Daisy Dukes were shorter than they were on the original series.
  • Her shirts showed much more cleavage than Bach's ever did.
  • She also didn't wear pantyhose under her shorts, going bare legged in the film.
  • Another major difference in her appearance was that Simpson's hair remained blonde, whereas Bach's was brunette. Simpson did, however, wear a brunette wig as a disguise during the film.

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Jessica Simpson - These Boots ( Bloodhoundgang Scooter rmx)00:56

Jessica Simpson - These Boots ( Bloodhoundgang Scooter rmx)

Jessica Simpson - Bikini00:42

Jessica Simpson - Bikini


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